Enjoy Your Meal

A newly opened gastropub in the heart of Koreatown, Los Angeles, with great atmosphere for all occasions, serving variety of Asian fusion menus. Along with famous Chef Kang’s dishes, you can enjoy craft beer, wine, creative soju cocktails, and rice wine slushies made just for you.

Located next to the entrance, there is also a food stand where you can taste many different street foods from Korea such as spicy rice cake, fish cake skewer, spicy chicken skewer, and egg toast.

Craft Beer & Drinks

For typical craft beer fans, we serve special craft beers from all around the world. If any of the names Mexican Chocolate Stout, Santa Monica 310, Flying Embers Ancient Berry Kombucha, BVR Peanut Butter, or even Modelo Negra ring a bell to you, what are you waiting for?
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A good meal starts with a great appetizer. With Chef Kang’s signature chicken wings, Deep fried king oyster mushroom, Spicy fresh tuna caviar cake and so much more to exercise your taste buds, you will be ready to dig in before you even notice..

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Main Dishes

Tipsi is the only place in Koreatown where you can experience Pinzza, (pizza with special dough and ingredients), Pasta, Taco, Salad, Steak, and Ribs all together. Everything under the categories are extraordinary, prepared by Chef Kang’s secret recipes..

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Our Gallery

 You will experience a whole new level of Asian Fusion dishes.